ILCC Black Diamond Wadi Rum climbing camp
The 2nd ILCC traditional climbing camp
Wadi Rum, Jordan, March 27th – April 1st




The Traditional climbing camp in Wadi Rum was designed to introduce traditional climbing, to both non-experienced & experienced climbers, while enjoying the serenity of one of the most beautiful and unique places on earth.  Wadi Rum Traditional climbing routes rank from fairly easy routes to more challenging ones, thus catering to your personal climbing level.  You will find that Wadi Rum can provide you with vast activities such as easy to strenuous hikes, group and individual climbing guides, evening gathering and more. 

Come and enjoy nature, become part of the climbing community and have a cold beer after a good day of sand stone climbing.

Please note that if you are not a skilled Trad climber, it is advised to hire a climbing guide for your own enjoyment and safety.



Venue – Wadi Rum guest house at Rum village.

Dates – March 27 – April 1, 2013

Arrival –   Thursday 27 March throughout the morning (short day).  

Departure – Tuesday 1 April at midday (short day).  



צילום: יערון פוזננסקי


Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Israel\Jordan.

Nearest airport – Eilat, Israel & Aqaba, Egypt.

The ILCC will pick up guests on March 27th from Eilat "Rabin" border crossing between 6:30am and 9:00am.

The ILCC will drop off guests on March 31st at "Rabin" border crossing at varying times.

Accommodation will be provided by the ILCC.


Travel Selection Form



Camp organizers (Before the camp date):

Eyal +972-54-7677-636, Matan +972-50-774-1956

Wadi Rum camp (during the camp, local Jordanian number): will be available a month prior to the camp at the ILCC web site.



Bedouin tents: concrete floor + mattresses.

Personal tents for rent, for additional fee.

Outdoor perimeter for personal tents (no additional fee required).

Electricity (220V).

Showers and bathrooms.

Cooking perimeter: Gas, basic cooking-ware, basic cleaning-ware.

Tables and chairs for dining.

Fresh water for drinking.



Fill out the Registration, Travel and Payment forms and send them by Email



Arriving to Israel - 500, Arriving directly to Wadi Rum - 350
Both prices include a yearly ILCC membership (mandatory). 

All payments will be charged in NIS only.

Payment options are available in the Payment form.


Payment details



Border transfer fees (Jordan) and climbing equipment transfer fees

Private bus from Israel to Wadi Rum

Jordanian guide escort on arrival & departure days

Tourist police services & escort throughout the stay at Wadi Rum

Israel Climbers Club representative to manage camp

Evening activities

Maps for independent hikers

discount on all climbing gear at the Alpine Style climbing shop in Tel-Aviv a week prior to the event



Arrival at the “Rabin” border passes

Border taxes (Israel)

Climbing gear for the independent climbers (Trad gear will be included in the guided packages)

Personal gear

Travel insurance

Late arrival to Wadi Rum

Guided hiking tours and climbing guides for specific climbing expeditions to accommodate your climbing levels 




Climbing helmet

Climbing gear

Trad gear- for independent climbers

Head lamp

Lead bag for water & food while climbing

Tent - if you do not wish to sleep in the communal tent

Hiking shoes

First aid

Warm clothes - Wadi Rum is a desert and temperatures decrease at night

Sleeping bag

Sleeping matters

Cooking essentials 


Camera & extra batteries

Water bottles to be refilled with water each day



If anyone has any slideshows, short films or presentations that may be of interest please let us know at: 

We will do our best to schedule these in to the evening program.



Event report from the ILCC Wadi Rum traditional climbing camp 2012

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